Asoriba Intern

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana Part-time Allows remote

Company Introduction

Asoriba is an exciting young Christian software company that provides technology solutions for churches. Our maiden product, Asoriba is a web church management software and content distribution platform for effective church management designed for leaders and a mobile app for members to receive content from their church and pay tithes and offerings.

We have a respectful family-like working environment with focus on just getting things done with the highest level of integrity.  

Job Description

As an intern, you may work with any of the 5 teams with Asoriba.

The teams include

  • Asoriba Consultant

  • Asoriba SWAT Team

  • Asoriba Client Success

  • Asoriba  Web Developers

  • Asoriba Mobile Developers

  • Asoriba PR & Marketing Team

You will have clearly defined KPI and expectation measured weekly by your department head. Notwithstanding, everyone in Asoriba Sells, so you must be ready to do so when the need arises.

You will work closely with your team head to ensure that you make the most of your talent and time with us.


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