Asoriba App Developer

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana Full-time Allows remote

 Company Introduction

Asoriba is an exciting young christian software company that provides technology solutions for churches. Our maiden product, Asoriba is a web church management software and content distribution platform for effective church management designed for leaders and a mobile app for members to receive content from their church and pay tithes and offerings.

We have a respectful family-like working environment with focus on just getting things done with the highest level of integrity.  


Job Description

As our new App Developer, you will be directly responsible for managing the code bases of our mobile products. Your job will include designing (or sitting in design meetings), implementing agreed-upon product features and assessing user feedback on those features.


Responsibilities Overview

Your typical day will be to start with a general team standup, where a brief update on your previous work day and goals for the current day are outlined. Following this, you will focus on tasks you have determined necessary, which you would have included in your standup.


Specific Responsibilities

Write new code.

Review old code.

Test modified code, commit to VCS.

You will not deploy code to production.



You should be a competent Java/Swift/JavaScript/C# developer (competency as judged by our standards)

You should be fun and professional when appropriate.

You should be respectful of people’s time, and worth

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